Student activities

Student activities at The British School of Kosovo are identifying characteristic that derive from the image of our school, which also offers recreational opportunities through the organization of numerous extra-curricular activities as a good experience in the formation of the student’s personality.

In order to combine theory with school practice, free activities are organized in conjunction with the curriculum of the school and incorporate the true cultural, artistic and sporting values that are in the function of developing affinities, creating skills and working habits, they also impact on the development of creativity, promote motivation and curiosity, are also recreational, inspirational and exciting for the students.

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As part of the extracurricular activities as an excellent and attractive opportunity to promote the values of students at The British School of Kosovo, function these clubs:

  • Foreign Language Club: English and German Language,
  • The science and math club,
  • The drama, painting, photography and handicraft club,
  • The club of music, ballet and guitar,
  • The karate club, taekwondo and basketball club,
  • as well as the green club.
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