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Lower secondary level 10-12

The Upper secondary level operates with two branches: Gymnasium of Natural Sciences and Gymnasium of Social Sciences and Languages.. During the education at this level at the British School of Kosova, students will gain knowledge and skills that will prepare them to face the challenges that bring changes into 21st century, in the core of which is the globalization process. Our students will be inspired to evaluate, articulate, demonstrate, and practice the knowledge and skills gained through active participation in the learning process and effective contribution to society. By fulfilling these competences, students will be willing to continue their studies successfully in the areas they want. The British School of Kosovo at the upper secondary level offers all students the opportunity to access differentiated, personalized and comprehensive programs based on MEST’s plans through:

  • The professional staff of teachers focused on quality teaching in the center of which is the student’s success·
  • Safe, tolerant and inspiring environment that stimulates effective learning whereby the student achieves the necessary competencies
  • Effective cooperation between parents, students and our school, to ensure inclusive decision-making in the teaching process.

The British School of Kosovo also operates with the international classes at the upper secondary level, in which all the teaching is done in English, by international or local teachers with international experience. The purpose of organizing this special school program with British model, is related to the need to prepare our children to challenge the future in science, culture and art at international levels. So, to prepare them for the challenges that the 21st century and the era of globalization brings. Opportunities offered to students in the BSK are guarantor that those working with the present will be the holders of the future.

Teaching methodology at this level combines theory and practice, study and critique, analysis and reflection, which are the key to success through which our students will be the bearers of change in our society. By going through all these filtering mechanisms, our goal is to create students / professionals / citizens that in the future will surprise us with their depth of thought and will astonish with the modesty of action.