Conditions and space

The British school of Kosova offers comfortable conditions and contemporary space for successful progress of the teaching process.

Starting from classrooms that provide students’ comfort, enough space and modern means of work (projector, smart board)

Modern laboratories that are equipped with the latest technology.

Gym and sports grounds with adequate space for use according to pupils’ needs.

Amphitheater where students take the first steps towards building their personality

The canteen, a warm environment where students have the opportunity to eat healthy food, from a rich menu that is recommended by nutritionists.

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A unique uniform with a modern design which provides comfort in the whole day stay of students in schools.

The school provides high security for the students, starting from the observation of the facility through security cameras (real time), physical security of the facility, and home-school-home student transportation.

All entrances and exits are made under school rules, under the supervision of BSK staff, who have a great dedication to students and work.

All this space and these conditions encourage children for work and continuous learning, which is the key to a bright future.

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