Congratulations on your 70th anniversary Europe

09 May 2020

Kosovo, our beloved country, is the youngest democracy in Europe. We are a country with the youngest population and we feel that we deserve to be part of Europe in every aspect of it. Kosovo’s youth deserve to be an equal part of the cultural, scientific, sport, artistic as well as political activities, equal to all European youth. This is the only way that bridges, ideas and peace can be created between peoples. We are thankful to all European countries which have recognized and supported Kosovo over the years. Now, it is time for the remaining five countries of the EU who are yet to recognize our independence, to follow their counterparts and recognize our independence. We love Europe and we would like Europe to love us. Congratulations on your 70th anniversary.

  • Summary of the year 2019/2020

    14 July 2020

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    We started school year 2019/2020 with big plans, full of positive energy and readier than ever before. We have prepared the whole summer to bring to students a well balanced progra...

  • Reward those who with great merit grabbed the first places in Project Week

    08 July 2020

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    After the successfull completion of the project week with the students of the Middle High School of "The British School of Kosova", it was finally the time to reward those who with...

  • American Anthem performed on piano by our student Erica

    04 July 2020

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    Independence Day is one of the crucial days in the history of any country. Each 4th of July American nation?? takes a moment to reflect on ideals that were founded on, freedom, ju...