Information about decision of MEST

12 March 2020

Dear students and parents,
Please be informed that following the decision from the Ministry of Education, to temporarily suspend the teaching process as a measure to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, The British School of Kosovo will begin applying the distance learning starting on March 20, 2020, through an electronic platform. The purpose of this initiative is to keep our students engaged at home during this unplanned but necessary break. We strongly believe that during these extraordinary circumstances the country is going through it is very important for students to be focused on lessons and thus divert their attention away from the situation created and the concerns it may bring. This way students will remain active which will contribute that the suspension of learning does not affect the desired learning outcomes. It will also have a positive impact on the quick and seamless reintegration of students into the learning process whenever it resumes.
Currently, BSK teachers are making the necessary preparations to launch the distance learning platform. Students will receive in a timely manner, through their tutor teachers, all the information required to access the platform.
Dear students, we hope to see you at the school benches as soon as possible. Stay healthy and see you soon.